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Insolvency means being unable to pay debts and the law regulates those companies unable to pay their debts. Bankruptcy law concerns the rules for natural persons and individuals.

Parity Legal has specialists that are able to advise and assist you or your business if you are either struggling with debt or you are owed money yourself.

Insolvency can be a complex process as there are various factors that need to be considered such as employees, tax, family, property, creditors, debtors and disposing of assets.

We are well equipped to advise and assist in the following areas of insolvency and bankruptcy:

  • Business restructuring
  • Insolvency disputes
  • Litigation
  • Directors disqualifications
  • Directors investigations and prosecutions

Time is usually of the essence when it comes to insolvency and the quicker you act, the chances of achieving a good outcome becomes more viable.

Do You Need Advice?

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