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Commercial Law governs the broad areas of business, trade, commerce, sales and consumer transactions. It is important to have advisors on your side who understand business. Parity Legal are Lawyers that understand business and present this type of approach when dealing with clients that require advice with Commercial Contracts and Agreements.

There are various strands of services that fall under Commercial Law, and at Parity Legal, we recognise that there are potential significant risks in running businesses. Parity Legal offers a flexible approach and our Lawyers bring technical and professional advice from straight-forward agreements to complex ventures.

Commercial Contracts

Commerce is at the core of a democratic society in the UK, and by being economically strong, businesses become attracted to it. In order for businesses to be protected, we have a strong set of laws and regulations in the UK. Therefore, businesses enter into various different types of contracts and agreements with others in order to provide solutions when things do not go to plan. If you have a general Commercial Contract that you want us to consider and advise on, or you want us to enter into negotiations with other parties then Parity Legal are able to offer a flexible approach to your requirements.

Franchise Agreements

The key aspect of a Franchise Agreement is to establish the financial issues and the roles of each party entering into them. This could be an exciting opportunity that allows a person to start their business legitimately by using someone else’s processes and ideas. This may include the use of a trademark or a trade name. However, the parties that enter into Franchise Agreements are likely to have certain limits and restrictions including sanctions for those that do not follow the terms of the Agreement. At Parity Legal, our Lawyers are experts in providing the necessary advice and dealing with negotiation with the other party.

Sale and Supply of Goods

Under legislation set out in the UK, there are various legal steps that must be followed to ensure that the supply or sale of goods is conducted in accordance with the law. Traders have certain obligations when they supply goods to a consumer. A business that supplies goods must comply with the legal rules otherwise there are potential heavy sanctions enforceable. All products under the legislation must be of satisfactory quality which means that they have to be safe and last for a reasonable amount of time. For more details and advice, our experts in this field can assist you at Parity Legal.

Guarantees and Warranties

Under commercial agreements there are various guarantees and warranties that may be provided by individuals or companies. These documents will include deadlines, commitments and assurances from parties who enter into them and potentially heavy sanctions should the terms not be adhered to. Parity Legal have a dedicated team to negotiate and advise on guarantees and warranties to suit the specific need to enter into them.

Commercial Agreements in Development

Where an entity or an individual is or has purchased land with the intention of building vast sized developments, there are agreements that they must enter into such as Local Authority, Highways and Water Suppliers in order to comply with regulations surrounding the development. These agreements can be complex and require a great deal of scrutiny. Allow the specialists at Parity Legal to negotiate with the relevant authority or to advise on the agreements.

Do You Need Advice?

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