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Everyone will encounter some form of dispute in their life.  Some of us, are lucky enough not to involve a solicitor, although in recent times society seems to be taking a litigious standpoint with disputes. Disputes can be at any level, from disputes with retailers for defective goods, to judicial review of decisions made by government bodies.  They can start as a money claim online or start in the more serious bankruptcy Court.  Disputes occur every day and in many circumstances the lack of communication or a breakdown in communication leads to disputes.

Our lawyers, understand disputes occur in everyday life. We understand that they can be very costly affairs, especially being dragged through lengthy court cases that can last for many years. Disputes can cause stress, mental illness, lead to financial hardship and eventually bankruptcy for an individual.  There are not only bad for the individual concerned but have a far worse effect on those that surround them like their spouse, children and family members.

Our lawyers bring Parity into the heart of every dispute.  We focus on freezing the deadlock early and narrowing issues at the outset.  We work with the parties in a pragmatic, cost sensitive, and proportionate manner.

Our main aim, in all our dispute resolution matters, is to protect you and your family.  We take a very practical approach to dispute resolution and will try and mediate the issue at all times.  We want to put you back to a position before the dispute, so you can get on with your life.  We do not want you to be buried in paper work and court hearings to resolve the simplest of disputes.

At Parity Legal, we have access to highly skilled litigation lawyers to handle your matters and we have consultants and barristers who specialise in specific areas to assist and guide you through the process.

Our Services Include

Debt Recovery

Contractual Disputes

Consumer Disputes

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Property Disputes


Inheritance and Contested Probate

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