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The Corporate Law team at Parity Legal ensures that your business enjoys the best legal advice and therefore we offer a range of legal services for businesses. Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations to serve all their requirements. We aim to provide practical commercial solutions that are specific to the business need.

Parity Legal is adept in dealing with various types of matters in the legal corporate sector and offers a hands-on approach in advising and representing clients at all levels no matter the size of their business. The key elements of our advice are based on the transactions listed below.

Business Asset Sales and Purchases

Only the assets and liabilities mentioned in the agreement are transferred to the buyer. This could be in the form of goodwill, assets, property, debts, goods, services and fixtures and fittings. At Parity Legal, we are well-equipped to deal with these types of transactions as well as being able to find strategic solutions for your business.

Share Sales and Purchases

The buyer purchases the shares in the company and therefore acquires the entity. This includes all assets and liabilities. It is important for the buyer to carry out due diligence on the company because any obligations are taken on by the buyer whether they are aware of them or not. The specialist Lawyers at Party Legal will advise on the best solution in proceeding with such a transaction.

Mergers and Acquisitions

This is an important decision to make for the parties involved in such a transaction. Business owners can see opportunities to grow their business and add to their asset portfolio. The management structure is likely to change dramatically and there is a need to ensure that a smooth transition takes place. Our Lawyers at Parity Legal will work diligently to achieve the right results for everyone involved.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures involves two or more parties that come together for a business project. Usually, a Joint Venture or a partnership become the next avenue to help define roles and responsibilities for the venture. In order to fully optimise opportunities, the parties bring different skills for one common goal. At Parity Legal, we are able to advise and assist with Joint Venture Agreements to determine the position regarding risk, decision-making, profit and liability.

Company Formations

Forming a company depends on several factors and different thought processes. It is of high significance that the Company is set up in the correct manner in order to eradicate problems in the future. In setting up a limited company, usually the liability remains with the Company. The registration process follows a strict legal protocol with not just the setting up of the Company, but also the appointments of its Directors, Shareholders and Secretaries as well as how the Articles of Association are depicted. Allow Parity Legal to take the strain of dealing with this process and advising on the most proficient way of setting up the Company.

Partnership Agreements

Every partnership should have a Partnership Agreement as this becomes the blueprint of the agreement between the parties. There are so many factors to consider to iron out any ambiguity and to avoid any contentious issues in the future. By having an Agreement in place, all parties know where they stand and what will happen in the event that an issue arises or what happens to the Partnership upon death or incapacity. Parity Legal understands that every Partnership is important irrespective of the size of the business and can advise on these Agreements to protect the Partnership.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholders Agreements are of paramount importance in any company. This becomes the focal point of how a company should operate and the rights that each Shareholder has. From the duties of a Shareholder, what they can and cannot do, sale or transfer of shares, obligations, board meetings, voting rights to dividend policy, Parity Legal are experts in advising and drafting Shareholders Agreements bespoke to the need of the parties involved.

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